Vampires also known as Vampiroonies by Kekeroos are undead beings that drink the blood of the living and command a variety of otherworldly powers. Vampires are considered an enemy to all Kekeroos.

Info Edit

Vampires are dangerous creatures with a constant thirst for the blood of the living. They also have a number of powers that tend to vary from vampire to vampire based on type, age, power, etc. Powers common among all vampires are hypnotism, superhuman strength and speed, and the ability to transform into mist. Their constant blood thirst combined with their various otherworldly abilities and powers make them extremely dangerous. Vampires are capable of transforming others into their own kind by spreading their curse through a bite. Vampires can be found hiding among society often times keeping their nature hidden behind a seemingly human guise, however they can just as commonly be found shunning society and living in the wilderness, or places long forgotten.