Red Man Face

The Red Man is the herald of Uthrasel.

Info Edit

When the time comes the Red Man will appear heralding Uthrasel and the begin of the Kekoning. Great tides of "red wine" will then wash over the world drowning all non-kekeroos save for those who were blessed by a Prime Kekeroo. All the while the Red Man himself will aid in the cleansing. Once the tides subside Uthrasel will unleash his fleas upon the world and with Red Man will dispose of those left who may have survived the red tides. All Kekeroos and Blessed Non-Kekeroos will then be allowed entry to the Cambodian Nations by the Red Man.

Red Man

Where is your god now?

The Red Man despite his name is only partially red. His head, right forearm, left shoulder/bicep, and right side of his right calf are the only parts of his body that are red. The rest of his body has been described as a clammy chalk white. red Man seems to have a large dent in his head and always seems to have a wide smile with noticeably excited eyes.