Speedy Neen is a kekeroo and actively fights against both Roboids and Alienoids.

Info Edit

Speedy Neen much as his name suggests is extremely fast. It is unknown what the source of his speed is, however it may very well be a blessing from Uthasaral.

Speedy Neen is active in the war against Roboids and Alienoids and openly attempts to spread awareness to the non-kekeroos. Due to this he is considered insane, mentally disabled, and a conspiracy theorist by many of the non-kekeroos who all are unaware of the hidden threat. Speedy Neen has also faced both Roboids and Alienoids on many occasions engaging in physical conflict using his speed to his advantage.

Trivia Edit

  • Speedy Neen commonly participates in foot races with fellow Kekeroo, Super Shoes.