Necromancers are individuals who make use of dark magics to command the undead and steal life energies. They are considered an enemy to all Kekeroos.

Info Edit

Necromancers are practitioners of dark and unholy magic and raise the dead as undead servants as well as stealing the life forces of the living. Many necromancers seek to become immortal Lich Lords and many also fall into service among Dark Lords. It is due to this that most are considered enemies to the Cambodian Nations and all Kekeroos.

Despite most necromancers aligning themselves with the enemies of the Cambodian Nations some necromancers choose to keep to themselves some even aiding and becoming kekeroos. Though a necromancer becoming a kekeroo is quite a rare occurrence.

Trivia Edit

  • It is likely that Lord Excer is a necromancer as he has been reported using dark magics akin to the necromantic arts.