Lich Lords are extremely powerful lifeless individuals who make use of dark magics to command the undead and steal life energies. They are considered an enemy to all Kekeroos.

Info Edit

Lich Lords who usually were previously necromancers are practitioners of dark and unholy magic and raise the dead as undead servants as well as stealing the life forces of the living on a large scale. They are powerful undying beings usually relying on a phylactery to ensure their immortality regardless of efforts to stop and kill them. Many Lich Lords serve the will of a Dark Lord and lead legions of undead servants as well as necromancers to fulfill their vile goals.

For some reason many Lich lords have seized control of video game companies and have been using video games to subjugate mortals. Video games produced by Lich Lord controlled companies usually have enchantments placed into the code of the game itself allowing Lich Lords to absorb the life force of those who play the effected games and even control their minds.