The average Kekeroo

The Kekeroos are the people of the Cambodian Nations and practitioners of Kekerooism.

Info Edit

The Kekeroos follow the ways of Kekerooism most holding in high regard a number of otherworldly deities most notable being Uthrasel. Anyone can become a Kekeroo, however the processes and rites if any remain unknown. All Kekeroos are spared during the Kekoning and are eventually granted entry to the Cambodian Nations by the Red Man. The Cambodian Nations are the promised land and are highly sought after by many kekeroos. Some Kekeroos such as many Prime Kekeroos are able to interact with the Cambodian Nations to a degree before the Kekoning.

Prime Kekeroo Edit

Prime Kekeroos are the highest ranking Kekeroos within the Cambodian Nations and are considered nobility. Prime Kekeroos due to their status are able to extend the blessing of kek to the non-Kekeroos allowing them safe passage and entry to the Cambodian Nations upon the day of the Kekoning should they so wish to enter. Prime Kekeroos also are able to deal land out to other Kekeroos as well as blessed non-kekeroos. Many are also powerful wizowds commanding a degree of power in the form of Autismo.