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The Cambodian Nations (not to be confused with Cambodia) is the promised land of all Kekeroos.

Info Edit

The Cambodian Nations is a realm separate from our own to which is considered paradise by many kekeroos and as such entry is highly sought after. Only Prime Kekeroos have been able to interact with the Cambodian Nations directly. Though when The Kekoning begins all Kekeroos will be granted entry as well as any non-kekeroos who were blessed by a Prime Kekeroo.

Cambodian Party

The party never ends in the Cambodian Nations

Within the Cambodian Nations people live forever and gain accesses to luxuries and carnal pleasures to which would be highly sought after on Earth. Each Kekeroo will be allowed at least one plot of land within the infinite planescape of the Cambodian Nations. Within their plot of land they have infinite power and freedom to do with it as they please.