Avo is the Avocado God and is one of the many Fruit Gods of the Cambodian Pantheon.

Info Edit

Avo the Avocado God is one of the most well known and beloved of the Fruit Gods and as such if worshiped by many Kekeroos. The hit song "Sepia Avocado" is often played and sung along to in temples devoted to Avo much to his delight.

Avo's Origins Edit

Originally Avo was a simple avocado created by a hopeful human for the purpose of reaching the Cambodian Nations, however during Avo's travel through space and time he tore a hole into the unirealms entering a dimension of pure energons. when he returned he was a godlike being and turned back time recreating the universe as an avocado. Avo then gifted his power to mortals both kekeroo and non-kekeroo by imbuing avocados with a unique type of energons known as avocorum energons. These energons when harnessed by mortals can be used to defend against dark forces and evil forces such as Dark Lords and their many minions, as well as other races such as alienoids. With enough avocorum energons mortals can reach a transient state of being allowing them to pass into a higher dimension known as the Etherium, or more commonly the Outer Realms. It is here where those transients can choose to enter the Cambodian Nations, or stay and join the Avocorum Crusadum.